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Personal Training

What are your goals? Personal Training Services

Personal Training: My Philosophy

I believe that the goal of personal training should be to get my clients to the point where they can achieve functional fitness.

Functional fitness is about building stability, flexibility, and strength to be able to do the things you want and need to do in daily living. Whether that’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, kayaking on the lake, or being able to play tag with your child without being winded and aching, functional fitness is about doing what’s best for your lifestyle and your goals.

Not only is it important to get moving, but it’s vital that we find things that you love doing. If you’re not a fan of running, I’m not going to ask you to run. If you love to dance, chances are we’re going to incorporate that into your routine. Not sure about weights? I’m going to do my best to encourage you to try resistance training, because it’s going to be where you get the best overall results…but we’ll talk through that after we do your assessment and measurements. 😉

I believe that when we work together, we’re going to see results that are a product of fun hard-work, dedication, and a commitment to change.  If you’re not sure where or how to start on this fitness journey, or maybe you need a reboot and focus, contact me using the form below and let’s talk. Together, we can help you achieve your goals.

In-Person Training (Adults and Children):

Are you located in the Philadelphia suburbs and interested in personal training? I’m happy to work with you at your location.  Contact me for rates and availability.

Virtual Training (Adults and Children):

Not in the Philly area? That’s okay! If you have a free Skype account, we can do virtual training sessions from the comfort of your home! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll get off easy though, because virtual sessions are just as effective and just as fun as in-person sessions!  Contact me for rates and availability.

Girls’ Fitness Club:

The next session of Girls’ Fitness Club, a fitness and health based online class for teens, will begin in January 2018.

Personal Training in the Park (COMING Spring 2018!):

Sign-up here to receive notification of the Spring Personal Training in the Park group classes beginning April 2018!


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