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The Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers

What are the pros and cons of Weight Watchers? And what should you know before you sign up to start? Let’s break it down.

Weight Watchers Pros and Cons

Weight Watchers is the choice for many who are looking to lose weight and start eating healthier. This particular diet program does encourage healthier eating habits along with promotions to help you get active.

With the rewards system that not only encourages you to track what you eat but allows you to track daily activity, Weight Watchers is one of those diet programs that help you change your lifestyle in addition to eating habits as a means to lose weight.

Understanding the pros and cons of Weight Watchers can help you make a confident decision when deciding if this program is a good fit for you.

The Pros of Weight Watchers

More Flexibility with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has more flexibility in comparison to other weight loss programs. You’re able to make your own food choices based on a points system.

Within the WW App, you’ll find options that will help guide you in making good food choices – which is really the backbone of the program. You’ll find food options that you’ll enjoy eating while still losing weight.

This puts you in control of what you eat regularly and how you choose to eat as a means to achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers Online and In-Person

With today’s hectic schedules, finding time to attend an in-person weekly meeting and weigh-in can deter a lot of people.

Thankfully, Weight Watchers also has an online option where you can track, record your weight, and get support all from the app. While you still have to attend meetings at the end of your journey to achieve lifetime status, you can work through the majority of your weight loss online if you prefer.

For those who do better with in-person support, there are plenty of weekly meetings throughout the country to help keep you accountable.

The choice is yours!

Weight Watchers Teaches Essential Eating Skills

Another pro of Weight Watchers is that it helps you change your eating habits.

With every food having a point value, this program helps you learn essential eating skills that will last a lifetime.

Even if you meet your weight loss goals and remove yourself from the Weight Watchers program, you’ll have learned valuable eating skills that will help you maintain the weight loss.

On Weight Watchers Nothing is Forbidden

One of the biggest pros is that you can eat whatever you want on the Weight Watchers program. Really.

With a daily points allowance, you can pick and choose which foods you’ll eat and quickly learn which foods will help you lose weight while feeling fuller longer.

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Having no major restrictions on what you can or cannot eat, helps encourage you to lose weight and make healthier choices.

The Cons of Weight Watchers

Program Pricing Can be Difficult

The first and probably biggest con for Weight Watchers is that it can be pricey.

The program will vary from person to person, so while you can select a Weight Watchers plan that’s best suited for your weight loss goals, it does cost money to be a member.

Whether you are an online-only member or choose to attend meetings in person, there’s a cost associated with each option.

Sometimes the price of the program deters people from joining.

Counting Points Can Be Tedious

Some have had a hard time with counting points while on the Weight Watchers program.

This con can easily be removed when you opt to use the WW app though. It makes it easy to scan labels, input homemade or favorite recipes, and even gives you a breakdown of food for tons of your favorite restaurants. Starbucks, anyone?

But if you can’t use the WW app to count daily points and watch your points allowance then keeping track could feel tedious and frustrating.

Too Much Freedom on Weight Watchers?

I know freedom is one of the pros of Weight Watchers, but it can be a con for some people. If you need to have a strict meal plan that outlines what to eat and what not to eat, then Weight Watchers may not be a good fit for you.

You’ll have to learn how to meal plan using the points values and watch your daily points allowance. Basically, Weight Watchers provides you with a lot of freedom to eat all types of food, which can prevent some people from achieving their weight loss goals.

The Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers

There are many pros and cons of Weight Watchers, but ultimately the decision comes down to you and what will work best for your life.

For those who are mentally ready and financially able, I think that the pros of Weight Watchers far outweigh the cons. You learn eating and lifestyle skills that you can utilize for the long term.

Being able to adjust eating and lifestyle habits towards a healthier way of life is a huge plus and is worth every penny.

Weight Watchers is definitely one of the best “diet” programs to achieve your weight loss goals this year.

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