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How to Get More Sleep

How to Get More Sleep - Tips for a Better Night's Rest

Sleep is a critical part of any weight loss or health routine. Without enough rest, our bodies can’t repair themselves and create enough energy to give us a great workout.  In fact, sleep is so important that a lack of it has been proven to impact our health and ability to ward off diseases and other illnesses.  Without sleep, we can’t function. But getting enough sleep is easier than it sounds.  If you’re struggling with sleep, try these tips to help you get some much needed rest.

Get More Sleep – Tips for Success

Cut the Caffeine

While you may measure the day in terms of how many cups (or pots!) or coffee you consume, plan to stop drinking all caffeinated beverages by 3pm.  That gives you time to combat the 2pm slump, but prevents you from being effected by the caffeine later in the evening.  Stick with water and herbal teas instead of coffee or caffeinated tea.

Baby, It’s Dark Inside

Close your curtains and create a cozy, dark bedroom.  In the summer, you might even want to invest in some room darkening shades to keep out late night sunsets and early morning sunrises. A dark room will make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Cool Down

Most people sleep better when the room is cool, so turn down the heat (or turn up the air conditioner) and bundle under the blankets for a good night’s rest.

Turn Off Electronics

Say goodnight to your phone, computer, television, tablet, and iPod at least an hour or two before you’re ready to go to bed.  Even though many devices now come with a “nighttime” setting that eliminates the harsh light, it’s still a stimulant and can impact how quickly and easily you fall asleep. If you’re tempted by checking your apps one last time before bed, keep your devices in a different part of the house.  Sounds terrifying and unrealistic doesn’t it? Don’t worry! You can do it!

Get Into a Routine

While some of us are early risers, others prefer to sleep in the early morning hours.  Know what type of person you are and work toward creating a sleep routine that works for you.  Decide how much time you need to get ready in the morning and then count back from the time you need to leave the house to determine what time you should wake up.  From there, count back 7-8 hours to discover the ideal bedtime.  For example, if you need to get up at 6am, you should aim for a fall asleep time of 10pm.  Getting into a consistent routine will make sleep come much more naturally.


When you’re well rested, you’re not only going to feel better, be more alert, and more productive, you’re also going to find that it’s easier to lose weight and to get a better workout in.  Just like a well-balanced diet plays a huge role in your health journey, so too does sleep.  Sweet dreams!

How to Get More Sleep - Tips for a Better Night's Rest -