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What is a Pike Push-up and How to Do One

Ever heard of the Pike Push-up? You won’t be alone if you said no, but this move can help you to build up strength and is one that you should try or aim for.

What is a Pike Push Up & How to Do One

What is a Pike Push-up?

The best way to describe it is a mix between the downward dog pose and the dolphin pose. Many people use it as a stepping stone to build one for more strenuous activities whereas others see the Pike Push-up as a goal in itself to build shoulder strength.

Whatever your situation is, trying it is something you need to do, and I wanted to answer what is a Pile Push-up and how to do it. Without further ado, let’s get to it. 

What is a Pike Push Up & How to Do One

Why is the Pike Push-up So Good?

There are a few different benefits that you can start to experience as you learn to perfect the Pike Push-up. These include the following:

  • Helps increase shoulder strength – While you do this move, you will notice that you feel every rep in your upper body, but mostly in your shoulders. While it can be seen as a traditional push-up, the inverted “V” shape adds emphasis on the shoulder area, helping to build your strength in that area of your body. 
  • It prepares you for other moves like a handstand – A handstand push-up is often a goal for many, and the Pike Push-up can be a great transition from a traditional push-up to a handstand. 
  • It powers up your core – As your weight is shifted forward into the pike position, your core needs to start working in order to help you maintain that position. It helps to train you when shifting your weight forward in other moves and strengthen your core in a different way. 
What is a Pike Push Up & How to Do One

How to Perform a Pike Push-up

This move is not for beginners and is a progression from the traditional push-up so make sure you feel confident moving on from that before trying to execute the Pike Push-up. If you are ready, then here is how to perform a Pike Push-up. 

  1. Start in a wide plank position with your hands firmly on the floor. Make sure they are positioned underneath your shoulders. Press your toes into the floor as well. (Some people go straight into a V, but I find it’s helpful to get your footing and engage your core in a plank before pressing up into the pike position.)
  2. You should feel able to keep your core tight. Your body should be in a straight line and feel firm. 
  3. Begin to lift your hips and back upright until you create an inverted “V” shape. Do this slowly at first so that you can remain strong. Keep your legs and arms as straight as you can. 
  4. Once you have your “V” shape, begin to lower your elbows and upper body towards the floor. 
  5. Stay in that position for a breath, and then straighten your arms to push back up again. Well done, you are now doing the Pike Push-up!

How Many Reps Should I Do?

Take it slow as you start to build up strength and stamina in your upper body and, more specifically, your shoulders. 

Starting with 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps is a great way to ease into them while building up your strength.

Remember, form over quantity. Adding more reps as you progress is fine, but don’t push too far too fast.

Hopefully, this has helped you to understand what a Pike push-up is and how to do one. Questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll try to help!