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10 Awesome Home Gyms

10 Dream Home Gyms
We’ll be re-doing our home gym soon and I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas.  Some are obviously way out of our budget (which is like $200) and some look like they could work.  But, since I haven’t ever really designed a fabulous home gym before (I currently workout in a basement with 6 foot ceilings…and I’m 5’8″, so you can imagine the bruised knuckles on arm day.), I decided to highlight the ones that are my absolute favorite, dream home gyms.  Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite!

Dream Home Gyms

1. It has chandeliers! I want to workout in a room with chandeliers!

2. I love the space in this one!

3. The addition of the desk in this one is a nice touch.

4. The orange in this one is fabulous!

5. This one is so open and airy – and those hanging chairs look so cozy!

6. Those vaulted ceilings are to die for!

7. Here’s more orange!

8. And if orange isn’t your thing, how about some pink?!

9. Instead of two bikes, I’d put the elliptical or treadmill there instead.

10. Love the walls of mirrors in this one.

Which one is your favorite and why? We’ll be redoing part of a 4 car garage, so there will be plenty of space. I’m thinking of orange or blue…or orange and blue for the color scheme. I’d do pink, but my teenage sons plan on using it too and that might not fly. 😉 So, give me your input!

You can check out all of my pinned home gym dreams below:

10 Dream Home Gyms -

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