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Active Rest Day Workouts for Recovery

We all know the importance of rest days when it comes to our workout schedules. But active rest day workouts to recover after a specifically intense and strenuous workout can be equally effective.

Active Rest Day Workouts for Recovery

There are many benefits to this as well as exercises and workouts that you can do that will help you to get the most out of your rest days. So here are some of the best active rest day workouts for recovery. 

Benefits of Active Rest Days

When you have undertaken a strenuous workout, then a rest day is what usually follows. But sometimes that can be counterproductive. Here are some of the benefits why active rest days are good for recovery:

  • It reduces lactic acid build-up in muscles
  • It eliminates toxins
  • Helps to keep muscles flexible
  • It increases blood flow
  • Helps you to keep up with and maintain a regular exercise schedule
Active Rest Day Workouts for Recovery

Ideal Workouts for Active Rest Days to Help Recovery

So now that you know the benefits of active rest day workouts for recovery, you might be wondering which workouts and exercises that you should try. The main goal is to be active, without too much strain.

You want to work your body to keep up the momentum of your intense and high-paced workouts without adding extra strain to your body.

So here are some of the best options to consider. 


Swimming is such a great form of exercise to take. It can be a cardio workout when you push yourself, but using an active rest day for a gentle swim where you work on your stamina can be an all-over body workout without the strain of the previous day’s exercise rituals. 


Yoga is a lovely way to relax and take advantage of a rest day when wanting to remain active. You can benefit from the stretching and muscle flexibility without adding too much strain to your muscles and also your cardio fitness. It can also help you in terms of breath control. 

Tai Chi

Simarlily Tai Chi can also be a worthwhile exercise as it is all about slow stretches and movements of your body while taking a moment to consider your mental wellbeing. 


Cycling can be a cardio exercise, but a general bike ride where you take things slower can be just the right level of movement and exercise for your body on a rest day. It gets your body moving without there being too much strain. 

Active Rest Day Workouts for Recovery


Many people swear by walking, and while you may enjoy leisurely strolls often, a nice active brisk walk can be just the momentum that you need on an active rest day. It gets your body moving and gives you that increased heart rate without too much strain on your body. 


Equally, jogging can also be a great option to consider. A slow jog can increase your heart rate and get your muscles moving. 

What are your favorite active rest day workouts? Share with us below!