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The 10-Minute Rule

The 10-Minute Rule for When You Just Don't Feel Like Exercising -“It takes me three times as long to get ready to workout on days when I’m not feeling it,” a friend recently confessed. “What’s the secret to being enthusiastic about working out every day?”

I laughed and tried to put her mind at ease by admitting that even those of us who love to exercise have days when the very thought of lifting a weight or hopping on the elliptical makes us feel decidedly meh. Some days? Some days you just don’t feel like exercising. And you know what? That’s okay.

That being said, even on the days when I’m feeling exceptionally meh, I still stick with something that I call the 10 Minute Rule. It’s my way of making myself try, but giving myself permission to stop if I need to. Maybe it’ll work for you too?

The 10 Minute Rule

The 10 minute rule is simple, really. When you’re not feeling it and struggling to get yourself motivated to start your workout, commit to 10 minutes only. That’s right, just 10 minutes of exercising. Give it your all for that time period and at nine minutes and fifty-five seconds, reevaluate how you’re feeling.

Are you feeling better?

Can you go another ten minutes? Another 20?

If so, keep going and finish the routine. You’ve got this.

If you’re still in a funk and just not feeling it, stop. Stop and be okay with what you’ve accomplished, because you did a great job for those 10 minutes.

The Truth of the Matter

Look, the truth of the matter is that you’re not always going to want to exercise. You’re not going to be able to give every single workout your all every single time.

The truth is that you’re human. And that, sweet friend, is okay.

When you don’t feel like working out, you still have to try, but if, after you give it a go, you’re still not feeling it, be kind to yourself. Show your bad day some grace and know that tomorrow (or even later the same day) you can try again.

The 10-Minute Rule for When You Just Don't Feel Like Exercising -