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Never Miss a Monday: Why Monday Matters

The Importance of Never Missing a Monday

Have you heard the phrase “Never miss a Monday”? If you’ve been exercising for any length of time you probably have seen it posted somewhere or your trainer or coach has said it.  What’s the deal with Mondays anyway? Why is missing a Monday worse than missing a Tuesday or even the middle of the week Wednesday?  It’s because Mondays matter.

A Fresh Start on Monday

If you ask someone who is thinking about starting to exercise when they’re going to start, they always say Monday.  There’s never a “I’m starting on Thursday” answer – ever.  No, the mind tricks us into thinking that in order to be successful, we must start at the beginning of the week.  And the day we associate with the beginning of the week isn’t Sunday or Tuesday, it’s Monday.

So, when people think about starting to exercise or plan to get back in the saddle so to speak, Monday is the day they commit to.  They “finish up” the last of their “bad” habits on the weekend and aim to start clean on Monday.  It’s a time for fresh starts.

But what happens when they don’t start on Monday? What happens when Monday rolls around and they’re tired and the stress and obligations of the day get in the way and that pre-planned workout and gung-ho attitude gets pushed to the back burner again?  The odds are good that Tuesday isn’t going to happen either.  And if Tuesday doesn’t happen, you can rule out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Then why start on the weekend? Just wait until Monday comes around again, right?

Do you see the problem?  Do you see how important that Monday workout is?

Even if you’ve been exercising for a long time and it’s more of a habit than not, if you miss Monday, it’s entirely too easy to fall into the same trap.  When your trainer says, “Never miss a Monday,” she’s saying, “Don’t set yourself up for failure by giving yourself permission to skip your workout.”  Even if you don’t exercise any other day during the week, never, ever miss that Monday workout.

When you set yourself up to succeed – in this case by working out on Monday – your odds of a successful workout week increase exponentially.  And when you set yourself up for failure by not working out on Monday, the same thing happens in reverse.  So, don’t make any more excuses. Don’t waste any more time.  Go get your Monday workout in.

The Importance of Never Missing a Monday -

Never, ever miss a Monday, friend.



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