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Stress and Exercise

Stress and Exercise – how are they related?

Stress and Exercise - MamaExercises

I wear a lot of hats in my life. Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, social media marketer, teacher, personal trainer…the list is seemingly endless.

Most days, I manage to navigate the changing of hats without a great deal of hassle. But other days…the days when they all collide? Those are stressful beyond stressful.

After my oldest was born and then again after having my second child, I was depressed. The kind of postpartum depression that aches in your soul and makes life a lot less happy and shiny than the diaper commercials make motherhood appear.

Have you been there? It’s a wretched place, isn’t it?


Well, after my youngest was born, I was desperate not to have that happen again. I joined a gym and felt a bit more in control of my stress and anxiety. That is, until I stopped going, because that gym for me? Not a good fit…mainly because I didn’t want to have to fight for a treadmill at 5:30 in the morning. So, the anxiety and stress and depression returned.

I’ve managed to cope with it in many ways since then, but this past week made me realize again what’s been the most effective method for dealing with anxiety for me…exercise. Surprise, right?

I’ve been off of my routine this past month thanks to the flu and just some crazy life things and it stinks! This morning I knew I had to get back on the wagon, so to speak.

Yoga has been life-changing for me this year, but I wanted something with a tad more umph this morning. So, I popped up one of my favorite Yoga Shreds and had a bit of HIIT with yoga mixed in. I love those workouts.


As I started the routine, I realized that something was changing. I felt less stressed. I felt calmer. I felt more in control and less depressed. I felt like I could handle this.

For those people who have never felt stressed or felt depressed, I imagine that it’s probably weird to see someone admit that they don’t always feel that way. However, for those of us who get it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Countless studies have been done to examine the effects of exercise on stress and the body. It’s been shown to reduce blood pressure and depression, so it’s no wonder that the more I exercise the better I feel. I’m not a doctor or health care professional in any way, but I do know what works for me.

And I’m going to take a wild, crazy, stab in the dark that it just might work for you too.


Wearing a lot of hats is stressful. Being a mom, being a dad, being a spouse…not to mention all of the other roles you take on in life, those things are hard.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed and depressed, I’d suggest you talk with your doctor, but then get moving too.

Take a walk, pop in an exercise DVD, turn on Just Dance with the kids…just do something.

You have to take the time to do it. 30 minutes and you’re done. Schedule it in. It will change the way you handle the rest of your day and the way you cope with the stress that comes along with it. Exercise changes everything. It just does. It will change you.

Stop making excuses and do what you need to do to manage your life. Otherwise, you’ll still be Googling “stress and exercise” next year…and the year after that…and the year after that.

I believe in you and I truly believe that when you start to exercise it will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. You – you tired, stressed, depressed, overworked, AMAZING person? You’re worth it.

Your life matters.

Eva @ Kidminds

Wednesday 15th of July 2015

I completely agree, exercise is not something extra to fit into your day, but a requirement for busy moms. I always say, exercise is what enables me to do everything else I need to do in my life. I will share it...

Sarah Ann

Wednesday 15th of July 2015

It's SO true that exercise can change your outlook and is a vital part of fighting depression. I'm in a season of not working out and really can tell a difference in my mood. I'm stopping by from IBN to follow you and share this great post. Thanks for the wisdom!