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The Exercise Waiting Game

The Exercise Waiting Game

It’s almost the new year and with it comes the pressure to make resolutions, start new habits (like exercise), and kick out what’s not working in your life. We have grand ideas, make lists, create tracking charts, save ideas from Pinterest and, generally, do all the work necessary to ensure that we have a great start. On January 1st. Or maybe January 2nd, because, you know, you’re tired from being up so late on the 31st that you want to sleep in and then by the time you wake up it’s not the exact time you had planned on starting, so you decide to wait until the 2nd.

And then the 2nd turns into the 3rd and soon you’re into the second week of January and all of those plans that you made, all of those pins you saved, all of those lists…they’re outdated, so you have to make new ones. Because surely you cannot start without lists and tracking sheets!

Annnnnnd, Hello, February.

You, my friend, are playing the exercise waiting game.

Waiting for the next day, the next time you get a chance to print out new tracking sheets, etc. etc. etc.

But guess what?

There is NEVER a perfect time! There is never a perfect day, a perfect tracking sheet, a perfect meal plan, a perfect starting point. NEVER.

There are always things that are going to come up, but until you decide to make exercising a priority, it’s just not going to happen. No matter how good your intentions are, you will never start. Or restart.

So, stop waiting for a new year, a new week, a better day, warmer weather, the “right” workout outfit, the…just stop.

And then get moving!