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The Benefits of Running and Jogging

In addition to helping you lose weight, the benefits of running and jogging include stress reduction, feeling happier, and sneaking in some daily exercise.

The Many Benefits of Running and Jogging -

While you may feel intimidated by the idea of jogging and running, I promise that it does get easier as you continue to make this exercise a daily priority in your life. Today I’m going to share some of the benefits of running and jogging so that you can start adding this option into your daily exercise routine.

The Benefits of Running and Jogging

Helps with Weight Loss

It’simple really. Running and jogging is a form of exercise. Exercise helps with weight loss. This is a no brainer benefit of running. A half-hour jog can burn about 300 calories, but it also works to boost your metabolism for added weight loss in the future. Double win!

Develops Muscles

Not only does running and jogging help to strengthen your bones, but they can also help you build muscle. Jogging and running improves the density of your bones, making them stronger all the while improving your muscle tone in larger muscles like your hamstrings, and calf muscles. Your legs will be shapely and strong!

Boosts Mental Health

One of the benefits of running and jogging is that they get you outdoors in the fresh air. Fresh air helps boost your mental health. In addition to the fresh air helping to boost mental health during your jogging and running sessions, this simple form of exercise boosts your happy hormones for an added mental health boost.

So, does running on the treadmill help too? Sure thing! It just doesn’t offer the outdoor air benefit that running outside does. You’ll still get your endorphin boost though!

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The Benefits of Running and Jogging - There are many! Read more at

Good for Your Heart

Jogging and running are excellent cardiovascular workouts. They help reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and has been known to help keep your cholesterol under control. While this won’t remove your family health risks for heart disease, it’s a great way to reduce the risks, lower your blood pressure, and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Keeps You Looking Young

Let’s face it, we age more and more every day but a jogging or running routine can help reduce the physical signs of aging. Since running and jogging are excellent cardiovascular workouts they boost your blood flow which in turn helps keep your skin healthy. Plus they also help boost mental health, so you’ll not only look younger, you’ll feel it too.

Experience the Benefits of Running and Jogging for Yourself

These are just some of my favorite benefits of running and jogging. If this type of exercise is already part of your daily exercise routine then you probably have already experienced most of these benefits.
I hope that this list has helped inspire you to add or continue to jog and run regularly. Your physical and mental health will benefit tremendously – plus your legs will look amazing!

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