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Creative Exercising: Exercise and Clean at the Same Time

Exercise and clean at the same time?! How is that even possible?!

Creative Exercise - How to Exercise and Clean at the Same Time -

I don’t know anyone who loves to clean the house, but when I can get a workout in and exercise and clean at the same time, it’s a bit more tolerable.

I’m all about the killing two birds with one stone mentality and these two activities go together like peanut butter and jelly.

In fact, when you exercise and clean at the same time you’re doing a bit of emotional, physical, and stress release all at once. It’s the perfect combo.

Check out these ways to get in some creative exercising while getting your house clean at the same time!

How to Exercise and Clean at the Same Time

Make it a Game

One of my favorite exercise and cleaning tactics is to make it a game. I love playing beat the clock and seeing how much I can get done in a small amount of time. I’ll set the timer on my phone for five minutes and make a mad dash to get everything done. It not only keeps me on-task, it gets me hustling and moving. There’s no time for relaxing or anything other than full speed ahead when that timer is about to go off.

When the kids are helping to clean, we make it a game by seeing who can make the best trash can shots or pick up the most items. It’s all about moving and moving fast!

Get Your Groove On

Forget about tranquil music and crank up some base-heavy tunes as you work to exercise and clean at the same time. It’s motivating and makes it a lot more fun. Don’t forget to stop and have a dance break mid-mopping!

Creative Exercising - Exercise and Clean at the Same Time to Burn Calories -

Lunge and Squat

You may not think that exercise and cleaning are a great match, but you can get some serious lunges and squats in while washing windows, cleaning the floors, and picking up the toys on the floor. Instead of bending over to pick things up, squat to get them. Be mindful of clenching your muscles when squatting for maximum effect! By the time your living room is spotless, your quads and glutes will be on fire!


So, the next time you’re ready to clean up the clutter and make the house shine, use it as your workout session too. Remember to move with purpose, speed, form, and, of course, safety! Your house and your body will thank you!